In this article we see how to create a framework even without the frame.


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Nowadays, with the use of some supports such as plasterboard and polystyrene, changes can be made or some decorative element added to our homes. You can make bows or false ceilings, just have good will and a little ‘familiarity with the do-it-yourself. The best finishes can be represented by frames in polystyrene, when it comes to ceilings, or rose windows when it comes to beautifying the ceiling where the chandelier is . With this useful guide we will see how to embellish them in a refined way, the walls and the ceiling. Following the steps of this guide you will be able to give your home a new aspect. Let’s see how to correctly frame frames and polystyrene rosettes .

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First of all, it is necessary to buy polystyrene frames of the appropriate size to define the entire perimeter of the room that you want to decorate. There are many types on the market, from the simplest to the most elaborate ones that have embossed designs and decorations. To apply the frame correctly, it is best to start from the most visible corner of the room. Proceed to the oblique cut of two trim strips, using the precision cutting box and a hand saw. This process requires attention and a steady hand. After cutting the two ends, join them on the wall so that they form an angle that perfectly follows that of the wall. With a pencil, trace the outline.Once the outline has been traced, the frames must be moved and with a suitable brush.


If the card you intend to make a photo leads quickly and in the same time original and good quality, you should read the next steps of this guide, where there are instructions on how to proceed. This is a fairly simple and fun job, but it requires a minimum of DIY skills .

Depending on your personal taste, you can choose a colored, cheerful and lively card, or a black one with which you can create vertical photo frames, linked together by tabs always in cardboard, going to create a vertical collection to hang on the wall. A further option is to adopt recycled cardboard, which will grant you a stiffer support for the frame, and of which you can also exploit the undulations, which will give life to very natural decorations that are well integrated with rustic furnishings.


The frames influence so much on the surrounding picture, regardless of the style of the painting or the colors used. Depending on the appearance of the frame , a painting can indeed be enhanced or lost in quality. You can select different types of frames, depending on the material they are made of. For example, on the market you can find frames made of silver, brass, wood or plastic materials of various kinds . Another possibility may be to opt for frames made manually and painted in a traditional way. In the guide that follows you will be explained in this regard how to decorate a frame through the tempera.Generally, before proceeding with the realization of the paint through the tempera, it is necessary to sand the rough frame with fine-grained sandpaper. Afterwards, it is necessary to dust it with a soft cloth. As a rule, before proceeding with the decoration using tempera, it should be appropriate to know what kind of painting should be inserted in the frame. In this way, in fact, a correct matching is obtained between the painting and the frame. The frames can be decorated in a variety of ways. For example, you can make abstract, geometric, floral designs, or practice the blowing technique. The latter is obtained by using a straw or the envelope of a pen, with which you will blow and enlarge small points of tempera placed on the frame.


When you have a room available and want to customize each wall by attaching anything on the wall, very often, it is more appropriate to use panels suitable for attaching photos or prints of all kinds. This way you can really stick anything on the walls, without ruining the surface of the wall. There are many ideas to consider, in order to create a panel of this type, where you can attack through the use of small colored pins, really anything. To change a bit the classic idea of ​​the panel made of cork, in this short guide we will try to explain how to make a DIY wall panel in a short time and with few tools .The first thing to do before creating a panel to hang on the wall, is certainly to choose the appropriate structure, which lends itself more for the realization of this object. In recent years, the idea of ​​using the pallet, that is a wooden platform usually used for the transport of goods inside department stores, has been taken into consideration. Once you have chosen the pallet platform, you will need to form a single panel, covering the recessed parts of the wood with plywood sheets that will have to be nailed on the two larger sides of the platform. Covering the two sides of the footboard, you will get a sort of large thick panel, similar to a large frame, perfect to attach to the wall.

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